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Octopus Protocol
Octopus Protocol, a robust DeFi protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), allows issuance, trade, and management of decentralized derivative assets.

The Octopus Protocol journey has commenced with a great start. We have successfully completed our IDO’s on four platforms (Bounce Finance, Ignition by Paid Network, Trustpad, and Prostarter), collaborated with industry leaders, and more importantly have gathered an amazing family of Octopodes.

Also, we are all set to achieve yet another milestone that will boost the overall growth of the Octopus Protocol. Octopus (OPS) token is listing on the prominent cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin platform on 16th June 2021. For more details on KuCoin listing, please refer to this article.

To celebrate all our recent achievements with the Octopodes community, we…

Hello Octopodes,

The last few months have been phenomenal at the Octopus Protocol HQ. The combined efforts led by the entire team of Octopus and support from the octopodes community has given an incredible start to this journey of developing a platform that enables access to synthetic assets in an open-financial infrastructure.

In this edition, we will replay the developments, collaboration, and recent updates from Octopus Protocol. Please ensure that you follow us on Twitter to never miss an announcement and join the conversation on Telegram.

Main Highlights

Bounce IDO Success

The launch of Octopus Protocol IDO on the Bounce Finance platform surpassed all our…

The Octopus Protocol journey has started with a great start. We have successfully completed our IDO’s on four platforms, collaborated with industry leaders, and more importantly have gathered an amazing family of Octopodes. We are now set for another milestone that will bring more credibility and boost the growth of the Octopus Protocol ecosystem.

We are delighted to announce that we will be listing on the prominent cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin on Wednesday, 16th June. The Kucoin platform will commence trading for $OPS tokens at 10:30 AM UTC on 16th June 2021.

Octopus Protocol Contract

Ticker: OPS

Decimal: 18

Address: 0x3710cD84e0e331c99c70A34b8c6c136c2CDF91C4

Quick Overview

  • Total and Max Supply — 150,000,000 OPS
  • Initial Circulating…

The Octopus Protocol ecosystem is rapidly developing on all the fronts. To put our best foot forward, we have collaborated with several technological partners to ensure the continued success and development of the Octopus Protocol.

In the last few weeks, we have concluded the successful launch of OPS token IDO on different platforms. Alongside, we have also announced details of private and seed fundraising rounds for OPS tokens.

With this article, we provide the Octopodes community more details on our partners and how each partnership contributes to the overall development of the Octopus Protocol ecosystem.

“We believe that this group…

In building a DeFi derivatives protocol that facilitates unparalleled access and exposure to real-world assets, Octopus Protocol is excited to announce its raise of $2.7 million from several institutional investors as well as VC firms.

The amount was raised in three sale rounds: Seed, Private A, and Private B. Our amazing community of investors and supporters includes Dutch Crypto Investors (DCI), Titans Ventures, Master Ventures, Follow[the]seed, Insignius Capital, and SL2 Capital, and others. We welcome them to the family of Octopodes family.

Octopus is an open protocol to create, exchange, settle, and manage synthetic assets. All the drive and determination…

The Octopodes community is growing at a rapid pace. In the past few weeks, we have noticed an incredible amount of talent being shared on our social media channels — Discord and Telegram. We would like to express gratitude to Octopodes for sharing their creativity and lending their support to the Octopus Protocol.

Meme Contest Update — 22nd June, 2021

Octopodes, thank you for the incredible response on the Meme Contest. The entire team at Octopus Protocol loved receiving all the submissions and truly enjoyed every one of them. …

Octopus Protocol is extremely pleased to announce its strategic alliance with a cryptocurrency industry leader: ICO Pantera.

Octopus Protocol and ICO Pantera are proud to announce a long-term strategic partnership aimed at bringing diversification and inclusiveness to the Octopodes community. This partnership brings together Korea’s leading growth accelerator for cryptocurrency and blockchain projects with Octopus Protocol’s innovative solution aimed at facilitating unparalleled access to real-world assets.

The Pantera group is a leading growth accelerator in Korea — one of the largest cryptocurrency markets. In a span of nearly 4 years, the group has successfully collaborated and launched more than 400…

The Octopus ecosystem is beaming with announcements and developments. We successfully completed our IDO on Bounce Finance and have collaborated with several industry players, thus boosting the overall growth of the Octopus Protocol.

We are pleased to announce that the OPS token smart contract excellently passed the smart contract security audit performed by Armor Labs.

Here’s the link to the full audit report by Armors Labs:

A prominent blockchain security service provider to thoroughly assess and examine the security of smart contract and blockchain solutions. …

The Octopus Protocol launch on multiple platforms has exceeded our expectations. Starting with the OPS token sale on the Prostarter platform to the IDO launch on Bounce Finance, where all the tokens were sold out within an hour. There are two more IDOs scheduled for OPS tokens on Ignition by PAID Network and Trustpad.

In this article, we recap how the token launch day played out on the Bounce Finance platform and further details on the ‘Token Generation Event (TGE)’ as well as ‘Listing Announcement.’

Pre-Launch of Octopus Protocol IDO

We released the token contract address and ticker symbol for the Bounce pool prior to…

Octopodes, yesterday marked the very successful launch of the Octopus Protocol IDO on Bounce Finance. Through the IDO, we raised $100,000 in under an hour on the Bounce Finance platform. Having received tens of thousands of whitelist applications, we anticipated that there was substantial interest in the token sale. However, we were amazed by the support and participation we received from our Octopodes. It has truly been a phenomenal journey and on the behalf of the entire Octopus Protocol team, we thank our community and everyone who participated.

Initially, we planned to open the bounce pool of our native token…

Octopus Protocol

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