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A glimpse at the people working behind the scenes at Octopus!

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5 min readMay 7, 2021

The last few days have been overwhelming at Octopus. On May 3rd, we announced the Discord Invite Challenge to grow our community, and the response has been fundamentally incredible. With the invite challenge, we gave the community an opportunity to become future stakeholders in the Octopus ecosystem through a guaranteed allocation in the sale of $OPS tokens.

Within a span of few days, we received an overwhelming response. Here are some of our stats:

On behalf of the entire team at Octopus, we want to extend our gratitude to all the participants. We are humbled that so many of you want to be a part of the Octopus journey, and we hope that you will remain a part of our community. Those of you, who have yet not registered for the invite challenge, read this article and be a part of the Octopus community. We call ourselves the Octopodes.

Meanwhile, we want the community to know the team behind the Octopus Protocol in more detail and for us to know you through your inquiries, suggestions, and feedback. In this article, we take a sneak peek at the team grinding, handling, and managing all the operations at Octopus.


Co-Founder, Octopus Protocol

Monk, our mentor, and founder is a fairly private figure. Sheltering under a pseudonymous name, he has spent several years examining and analyzing the cryptocurrency markets. Here are some of the noteworthy details of Monk’s cryptocurrency career.

  • He is amongst the 1% of people who started mining Bitcoin on his computer and was an investor in Ethereum ICO in 2014.
  • His professional career is also shaped as a leading software developer for more than 12 years.
  • After knowing the space and gathering the most intrinsic knowledge in crypto, he has been bootstrapping to build a DeFi project before the term “DeFi” became predominant.

Since the last two years, Monk has heavily invested all his time and resources into building a Octopus Protocol — an open-source protocol that enables unparalleled access and exposure to real-world assets.

Obaid Bin Touq

Co-Founder, Octopus Protocol

Mr. Bin Touq started his entrepreneurship journey at an early stage in his life and has succeeded in his efforts by leading 13 business entities. Here are some of the important details of Mr. Bin Touq’s professional life.

  • Mr. Touq has contributed more than 11 years of service for the Dubai Police Force from 2003 to 2014.
  • With his leadership skills, he has contributed to the business community and industry and mentors more than 1300 employees under his wing.
  • After leading at the forefront for many industries and winning numerous prestigious awards, he has now ventured into the technological space.

His experience, humility, team-leading skills, community management, and expertise in driving businesses to successful ventures will prove significant in the overall journey of Octopus.

Chon Mars

CTO, Octopus Protocol

Chon Mars has experience of more than five years working at the forefront of the blockchain industry. Some of the valuable experience that Chon Mars will contribute at Octopus:

  • Chon has rich experience in the crypto domain after developing several blockchain applications and deploying different types of blockchain networks.
  • He has contributed in several projects including development of blockchain-based gaming applications, develop substrate and bridges for different blockchain networks including Binance Smart Chain (BSC), initiate yield farming and staking operations, and work on smart contracts amongst others.
  • His profound skills range from creating complex modules and logics from the start to implementing a smart contract on the blockchain

Chon’s tremendous expertise with different aspects of blockchain development will prove noteworthy for the successful deployment of the Octopus Protocol.

Christopher Redman

Creative Director, Octopus Protocol

Christopher Redman is a leading expert at conceptualization and creating innovative research-based visualizations. Here are a few ways that Christopher brings his experience to our table:

  • Holding a degree from UC Berkley, he has led multiple roles, from a design consultant to the creative head of director, in his career of 13 years.
  • His professional experience includes introducing WigUSA to Amazon, heading design consultant at Genesis Fair Trade — an organization empowering small-scale artisans, and leading as the director of design at Ethical Apparel.

His flair in designing will be a valuable trait in the branding of Octopus Protocol.

Igor Samorodov

CMO, Octopus Protocol

Igor leads the marketing operations at Octopus Protocol.

  • He has expert experience in different marketing arenas which is defined by performing dozens of digital campaigns for multiple industry leaders.
  • He has profound expertise in various marketing domains, including digital advertising, media buying, growth marketing, and SMM.

Igor’s leading expertise, growth, and knowledge will prove to be valuable in building a community at Octopus.

Pavel Mironchik

Lead UI/UX

Pavel is the lead UI/UX designer heading operations at the Octopus Protocol.

  • Pavel has a front-end experience in several modern designing softwares, including Figma, Miro, Photoshop, Illustrator, amongst others.
  • His central area of expertise lies within websites and mobile applications, focusing on creating a strategy.

His skillful ability to pay attention to micro details will contribute towards the branding of Octopus Protocol.

Pooja Kadia

Lead Content Strategist, Octopus Protocol

Hailing from a completely non-technical background, Pooja has been leading as a content strategist exclusively for the crypto and blockchain domains.

  • In four years, she has worked for more than 120 companies in the crypto and blockchain space.
  • Her portfolio includes being a part of the launch of several successful crypto and blockchain project launches as well as working with notable blockchain firms.

Her experience in conveying the noble message for advanced blockchain-related topics like DeFi to a broader community will prove instrumental at Octopus.

Mahmoud Ali

Graphic Designer, Octopus Protocol

Mahmoud leads as a designer at Octopus Protocol, helping shape our brand identity.

  • With over six years of experience, Mahmoud is an expert at designing with an excellent mastery over creating powerful and engaging presentations.
  • His professional engagement ranges from working with Fortune 500 companies like Unilever to creating successful pitch decks for different industries.

Mahmoud’s proficiency in working across multiple tools will bring significant value to designing creatives at Octopus Protocol.

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