Octopus Protocol — Airdrop Round 4

The Octopus Protocol journey has commenced with a great start. We have successfully completed our IDO’s on four platforms (Bounce Finance, Ignition by Paid Network, Trustpad, and Prostarter), collaborated with industry leaders, and more importantly have gathered an amazing family of Octopodes.

Also, we are all set to achieve yet another milestone that will boost the overall growth of the Octopus Protocol. Octopus (OPS) token is listing on the prominent cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin platform on 16th June 2021. For more details on KuCoin listing, please refer to this article.

To celebrate all our recent achievements with the Octopodes community, we are here with the last and final round of the Octopus Protocol Airdrop Event. The event which started in May had a total of 4 rounds; out of which, 3 rounds have been successfully concluded. We saw phenomenal success with the three airdrop rounds and we are here for the last round of the airdrop event. Octopodes, you have one more chance to receive xOPS tokens from the Airdrop round.

Airdrop Rules

The Octopus Protocol will airdrop a total of 10,000,000 xOPS tokens to the Octopus community; our Octopodes.

The entire Airdrop event will be conducted in a total of 4 rounds. A total of 1000 winners will have the unique opportunity to grab xOPS tokens. In each round, 250 winners have a chance to receive the xOPS airdrop tokens.

In Round 4, a total of 2,500,000 xOPS tokens will be airdropped. The Round 4 of Octopus Protocol Airdrop starts on Wednesday, 16th June and will continue till Sunday 20th June.

A total of 250 winners will be selected from this round. In addition to this, we will be selecting one more winner from the Octopodes community who will receive a special reward of $500 BUSD. The winners for Airdrop Round 4 will be announced on our official channels after it is concluded.

Please note: the winners will not receive the actual OPS tokens (Octopus Protocol native token). Instead, winners will be rewarded with xOPS tokens, which they can swap with OPS tokens. The provision for swapping will be provided after the Initial DEX Offering (IDO). The ratio for xOPS with OPS will be available after the completion of Round 4.


  • Click the gleam.io link provided above, register, and ensure you follow all the steps.
  • Users must follow all the official channels (mentioned in the link) for the entire duration of the airdrop to be eligible.

Along with the airdrop event, we have an ongoing Octopus Protocol Meme Competition. Make sure to check it out and submit your entries to receive rewards. A total of 3 winners will be selected amongst the entries that we have received. All three winners will be rewarded $500 USDT.

Octopodes, we could not have done this without your trust and support. On the behalf of the entire team at Octopodes, we express heartfelt gratitude for being a part of this journey. We hope you continue supporting us as we cross many more milestones together.

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