Octopus Protocol Airdrop: Round Two

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2 min readMay 14, 2021

The Octopus Protocol team is grinding and working round the clock on several fronts — from community management to Protocol development. This week, we have released our Litepaper, a 20-page compiled document, providing extensive details on our vision, features, and what we are trying to solve with Octopus Protocol.

Last week, we announced our Octopus Protocol Airdrop event consisting of four total rounds. Round 1 of Octopus Protocol exceeded our expectations. We received a spectacular response with over 30K applicants who collectively performed more than 200K actions in 3 days. As promised, 250 winners were selected who completed all the required actions. We express gratitude to the Octopodes community for your support . Congratulations to all the winners of Round 1.

Please refer to this post for more details on the Octopus Protocol Airdrop event.

To present more opportunities to everyone, we are now upcoming with the Round 2 of our Airdrop event.

Octopus Protocol Airdrop Round 2

The Octopus Protocol will airdrop a total of 10,000,000 xOPS tokens in four rounds to the Octopus community; our Octopodes.

In Round 2, a total of 2,500,000 xOPS tokens will be airdropped. Similar to Round 1, a total of 250 winners will have the opportunity to receive xOPS tokens. The Round 2 of Airdrop will start on 14th May and end on 17th May at 00:00 UTC.

The winners will be announced on our official channels after the completion of Round 2.

Please note: the winners will not receive the actual OPS tokens (Octopus Protocol native token). Instead, winners will be rewarded with xOPS tokens, which they can swap with OPS tokens. The ratio for xOPS with OPS will be available post the IDO launch.

To register for the ROUND 2 of Octopus Protocol Airdrop, click the link and follow all the steps:



  • Click the gleam.io link provided above, register, and ensure you follow all the steps.
  • Users must follow all the official channels (mentioned in the link) for the entire duration of the airdrop to be eligible.

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