Octopus Protocol Announces $OPS BuyBack Program 2.0

Greetings Octopodes,

We’ve all had a rough time since the last unfortunate events, it has been a challenging circumstance for every one of the team including the community. The team has worked tirelessly to ensure that we kick-start the project as fast as possible and so far our plans on revival have been very effective. Both exchanges BitMart and Gate.io now trade with V3 OPS Tokens as previously announced, all V2 token holders on wallets have received V3 Tokens, deposits and withdrawals are now enabled on bitmat with Gates.io soon to follow.

It is during times like this that we know how great our community is and those who support us wholeheartedly. We are grateful for the octopus community members who since the incident have shown great support. We are all thanking the community for continued support.

Buy Back Program!

Our last Buyback had a tremendous amount of positive impact on our Asset price, even amounting to over 1200% price growth of $OPS. We can only imagine what the next one will be like, the team is positive that this time we will have better results since we have enough time to market and spread info on our Buyback Program.

The 2 million $OPS bought back will be divided into 2 portions with 1 million OPS Tokens getting vested for 12 months and the other half burnt and removed from the Total Supply. The Octopus team is dedicated to building the best Synthetic Asset and Derivative Market Product out there and we have at all times put the community first as a top priority. The buyback program highlights our commitment and strong belief in our project, plus the program will help ensure sustainable growth of $OPS Tokens. We hope that this initiative will help rekindle the trust that was once placed upon us.

Periodic Buyback programs!

What is Next?

We are glad to inform that we are back on track and this is what to expect next,

We will release the Staking DApp on 30th of Nov and Add Liquidity on PancakeSwap, then we will focus on Launching our MVP, Re-launch the Ambassador program and onboard more people to help us spread the word. We have laid down great marketing plans that will help spread awareness about Octopus Protocol around the cryptosphere. We do hope our community will support us even more now as we go ahead to develop a product that will disrupt how Synthetic’s and Derivative Market Operate.

We appreciate you all community members, it is because of your tremendous support that we gain the strength to face these hurdles and come out even stronger.

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