Octopus Protocol Announces Partnership with Titans Ventures

With the launch of the $OPS token approaching near, we are proud to announce another strategic partnership with an industry-leading firm Octopus Protocol is honored to announce its strategic partnership with Titans Ventures — Vietnam’s top incubator leading more than 130 blockchain projects.

With an operational practice of nearly five years, Titans Ventures is a leading experience in supporting prominent cryptocurrency projects. The firm’s reputation precedes itself with its association with more than 130 successful projects and access to over 100,000 community members.

The portfolio of Titans Ventures encompasses leading cryptocurrency projects, including PolkaDEX, Kylin Network, Litentry, DAO Maker, Showcase, amongst others. Their portfolio is quite diversified, with projects ranging from DeFi protocols to NFTs and industry-wide use cases of blockchain technology. Their vast experience provides an environment and infrastructure for the overall growth and development of blockchain products.

Octopus Protocol aims to offer unparalleled access and exposure to real-world assets by enabling a platform to create, settle, and exchange synthetic assets. It facilitates engagement with decentralized derivatives in a fair financial ecosystem. Titans Ventures recognize that Octopus Protocol enables an optimum solution for the derivatives industry that facilitates a fair way of engagement. More so, it offers a convenient way to access the benefits of real-world assets in a transparent manner.

Titans Ventures will assist in strategic advisory and development of key industry relationships. The team will also bring its extensive experience in the cryptocurrency industry that will help boost the overall growth of the Octopus Protocol. The strategic partnership of Octopus Protocol and Titans Ventures will be instrumental in the overall development of the product. More importantly, with Titan Ventures our partnership will allow us to widen our community reach to Southeast Asia.

“Our partnership with Titans Ventures will be significant to boost the growth momentum of Octopus Protocol. Their expertise and industry relations are noteworthy contributions to Octopus Protocol.”

- Monk, Co-Founder, Octopus Protocol

About Titans Ventures

Founded in Q4, 2020, Titans Ventures has quickly become an influential investment fund in the Vietnamese market. They have effectively connected with 10+ communities with around 150,000 members and successfully supported over 60 leading Blockchain projects so far. With the mission of incubating potential projects, Titans Ventures focuses on the applicability as well as sustainable development, thus creating real value to all community members.

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