Octopus Protocol Partners

The Octopus Protocol ecosystem is rapidly developing on all the fronts. To put our best foot forward, we have collaborated with several technological partners to ensure the continued success and development of the Octopus Protocol.

In the last few weeks, we have concluded the successful launch of OPS token IDO on different platforms. Alongside, we have also announced details of private and seed fundraising rounds for OPS tokens.

With this article, we provide the Octopodes community more details on our partners and how each partnership contributes to the overall development of the Octopus Protocol ecosystem.

“We believe that this group of technological partners is a good match to our vision and their valuable inputs will add momentum to the development of this project. More importantly, each of these partners believe in the value that this DeFi project brings to the financial ecosystem”

Co-Founder, Octopus Protocol

Let’s look at the technological partners and their contribution to the Octopus Protocol.

1. iBetYou
IBY is a DeFi gaming and betting protocol that allows users to create personalized bets with other participants and win an NFT reward in return. The strategic alliance of Octopus Protocol and IBY will help bolster the technological growth of the products aimed at deriving the best solution using technological innovations.

2. Flourishing Capital
Flourishing.AI is a data-driven AI-based market analysis platform, to analyze capital inflow and outflow to/from crypto and the impending impact on major cryptocurrencies. By partnering with Flourishing capital and leveraging its unique solution, Octopus Protocol provides innovative tools for cryptocurrency asset managers and users of the products.

3. Token Suite
TokenSuite is a global digital marketing agency primarily focused on blockchain-based startups and projects. With more than 250 blockchain clients in their portfolio, the firm has an in-depth knowledge on the fundamentals of the industry. By partnering with TokenSuite, Octopus Protocol aims to deploy the best services for the overall growth and engagement with the community.

4. Moma Finance
Moma Protocol facilitates a solution that meets the growing demands for liquidity, scalability, and speculation in DeFi lending markets. The collaboration of Octopus Protocol and Moma Protocol will facilitate in deploying the best practices of the DeFi fundamentals and help leverage the utilization of the best technological solutions.

5. ICO Pantera
The ICO Pantera group, a leading growth accelerator in Korea, is reputable in providing services for marketing, strategy, and community building. Our strategic alliance will help expand to new markets and will help facilitate the services of Octopus Protocol to the Korean audience.

6. Bullish Unicorn
Bullish Unicorn facilitate digital marketing services for blockchain projects. They will provide their efforts in driving marketing efforts and business strategy to help build engagement of the Octopus Protocol product. The collaboration and leading expertise of the overall industry will yield valuable participation with the Octopodes community.

About Octopus Protocol

Octopus Protocol, a robust DeFi protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), allows issuance, trade, and management of decentralized derivative assets. Leveraging the technological innovation of blockchain, Octopus Protocol facilitates a platform that offers unparalleled access and exposure to real-world assets, thereby enabling a fair way to engage with synthetic assets and giving equal opportunities to access derivatives.

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