Staking Testnet Overview

Octopus Protocol is proud to announce the closure of our Staking Testnet. We received an immense amount of support from the community and we are very grateful for that.

The goal of the Staking Testnet was to have the community experience on how our Staking Mainnet would function and from that experience, the community could then offer valuable feedback to help the team build a better Staking Platform.

The event received an overwhelming amount of participants numbering up to 52,232 users. The community provided a lot of valuable feedback which helped developers to made improvements in security and usability of the platform.

Now let’s move to the most interesting part! We are happy to announce winners of our Staking Testnet Campaign.

Testnet Incentive

25 lucky Participants of the Staking Testnet were chosen randomly and will share 15000 $OPS Prize pool. Each winner will receive 600 $OPS. These are the winners Telegram handles:

@GreatCash @Fackbrax@ Denskyyyyyyy @NY3377 @greatmove1 @Nic7899 @yola_s @Dwijender @sahil2202 @Ciwan_g @juanmobilio2 @Rendyajaya @Wpalexis @shi28vam @Ayush409 @be5tfr1end @Defitn @Daedalusssss @bigcryptopapi @socialpromos @appucrypto @Melvinpais1 @celal_ce @kelceyandrews @Google_Times

Bug Bounty

Bug Bounty Winners were selected by Dev team and will receive rewards for reporting issues which they found while testing our Staking Platform. The total prize pool is 15000 $OPS as well. These are the winners Telegram handles:

@Jworos — 1800 $OPS, @sagre123 — 1800 $OPS, @Quang95 — 1800 $OPS, @BitcoinZlo — 1800 $OPS, @AkaJS— 1800 $OPS, @chrkdtl — 1200 $OPS, @AliBugraUnlu — 1200 $OPS, @vidocq2121— 1200 $OPS, @Dusteverything.crypto — 1200 $OPS, @Playboybi — 600 $OPS, @Damirios — 600 $OPS

The team will reach out to the winners and proceed the distribution of the reward. Thank you again for your continuous support and expect our Staking Mainnet Launch soon!

About Us

Octopus Protocol, a robust DeFi protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), allows issuance, trade, and management of decentralized derivative assets.





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